design in detail award: make it look good

last thursday. design in detail, an event in eindhoven, presented by design concept brainport, platform for design and technology.

the issue: how can a city be considered a design city when it’s appearance suggests it otherwise? ambition: revitalisation of the retailarea.

marie-josée lacroix, design commissioner of the city of montreal, was giving a speech at this event. she described the dramatic improvement of montreal’s image after the city had sponsored a design award. the awards purpose was to motivate designers and the retail industry to work together to make the city of montreal appear more attractive. the resulting concept aimed at improving city life. the goal of her speech was to discuss such an award as an idea for the city of eindhoven. I don’t think that a lot of people would disagree when I say that eindhoven is probably the shabbiest city in the netherlands. so, bring it on. It can’t do any harm.


location: witte dame haal


design in detail award 2009 – will it work?


ingrid van der wacht from design connection brainport

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my favorite example of collaboration between designer and retail:
baker wim van gerwen from bakker meelmuts with lilly’66


my company on that night: rene lahaye from trebuchet und fabian von spreckelsen from first aid design


klabenk by eindhoven-based lady penelope
a bench that grow 3 times its original size

One thought on “design in detail award: make it look good

  1. Leuk Matylda, so nice that we make again this connection. I feel positive that despite of the economic downturn we must be able to create a new elan in people and thus in businesses, in living together, in experiencing, in taking care etc.
    till soon, Ingrid