one minutes award: make it short!

Gent. Belgium. Its a yearly competition for videos of exactly 60 seconds which everybody can join. The awards were hand out on Saturday 10 November in the Concerthall Miry at 8 pm.
All nominations for the categories best of the world, inside out, portrait, visual knacks etc. were screened and the winners got their own ‘monkey’. Thanks to the two hosts – they made the audience constantly laugh with their dry sense of humour. In 2008 the Award Ceremony will take place in Beijing, China.


one minutes award ceremony
Award Ceremony

maria tarantino
Maria Tarantino, Jury | Film and Televison maker
A commercial identity, Mrs. Tarantino?

thierry mandon
Tableua vivant | Thierry Mandon, 2007

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  1. well it seems that this competition is becoming olympic though in 2008 – beijing, china… sai dabai!!

    ;-) oes RESPECT