robert stadler: hidden information in space


Robert Stadler presented the installation ‘informed’ from at Nilufar Gallery during Milan Design Week. The Paris-based designer placed a mirror, a rug, some bookshelves and a stool in a turquoise blue space.

By looking precisely at the whole set up you found out that the mirror accompanied by the big spot on the carpet forms an exclamation mark when you walk away from it. To be honest, I wouldn’t known this if Robert Stadler himself was standing next to his work on the opening and was explaining it to a friend.

I like the aesthetics of the whole installation apart from the shelf units which I haven’t even photographed. The mirror is called i mirror and is carved from Carrara marble which is traditionally used for figurative sculptures. There are hidden shelves in the back of the mirror which are a surprise and a nice addition to the piece.

The huge exclamation mark !

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