new designers: who needs links and information?

I could say that It’s so long since I’ve posted something. 4 days.. very long run. at present I am hanging around at my parents place, herdecke – germany, and they have trouble with the internets. so now I arranged my ‘summer office’ at a friends place in dortmund (he is in possession of the magic internet) where I will spend the next couple nights (the days are too hot) to work on some projects. unfortunatly I forgot all content, asides from the pictures, of the new designers at my home in the netherlands. like I use to say: ‘daring the gap’! – check out the pictures without any further information (or just less) from the newdesigners graduation show in london.

nick sims – graphic design – really average?
(ok, some information)

adam-rowe adam rowe
I do not like the design realisation but the idea of deleting the legs and giving a ‘podium’ to the armchair makes the barock chair a perfect throne

bad, bad design. I would not even buy that for my kids (if I would have some) but I am a of alice’s adventures in wonderland

baby gangsta clothes. kinda cool.

thats great. not my colours but it helps to distinguish the diffrent cables in the power socket – a solution for a every day problem

a tinfoil table. leaves markes when you use it.

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