kwangho lee: let’s do the twist again


Kwangho, one of the non-dutch designers at the show

Kwangho Lee‘s pieces seem to wind, coil, or wrap themselves precisely in the right shape. The Korean designer approaches the material first before he starts to think about the shape. That’s something his grandfather recommend him warmly. Kwanghoo’s series of seating options and lights are all made in purposefully tangled electric wire. It seems his technique of wire weaving has reached the level of perfection since his final grad project at design school in Seoul.

At Object Rotterdam I was delighted to Kwanghoo and his designart dealer Victor Hunt, who is not just Kwangho’s agent, but his friend. I arrived at the fair just on time: the snacks and the champagne were served. That’s why we sat down on Kwangho’s pieces, which passed the comfort test, and had some nibbles while we were talking about the upcoming Design Week in Milan and other stuff that shouldn’t bother us.

If someone would ask me what my favourite moment at the Object Rotterdam was, I would probably answer sitting together with Kwangho and Victor. At the end it’s all about the people and the experiences and not about the things you see.

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