julia lohmann and gero grundmann: more than a tribute to animals



julia, gero and newborn johannes

julia lohmann and gero grundmann met during their master studies at the royal college of art. they are both german born, both raised in the countryside and both have a graphic design background.

they also found out that they both have a special fascination with animals. they are developing objects which question how people interact with the things around them. julia and gero reconnect objects made of animal materials with their own origins and find new uses for animal material. some people think the work is negative, it even leaves people feeling uncomfortable. but there is no aim of provocation. it’s purely research, motivated by ethics.

the couple invited me to their house. it’s an old victorian house (that’s just a guess) in north london. usually they spend a lot of time in their studio which is not far away from their place but because of the recent project called ‘baby johannes’ they spend a lot of time in their house. when they speak about their creative projects they want to make sure that people see their work in context of design. they don’t want to be placed in the art corner, as it happens sometimes.


some antlers


a mac in between ‘flora and fauna’


the sculpture is a gift from italian design icon alessandro mendini


‘anouschka’ cow bench in tokyo, the picture is taken from julia’s website

julia lohmann_____________________________________

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gero grundmann__________________________________

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note: sorry for the shitty quality of the scans. since I am in london I do not have access to a good scanner anymore. : (

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