lee broom: you don’t know what it is and that’s what I like




damn, lee – how do you do it? you are 32 but you look like the young johnny depp in 21 jump street

during my internship at dezeen, shortly before london design week, I was browsing through the guide to check out what’s going on. I saw a picture of a bistro chair decorated with neon lights and read the name lee broom next to it. I’ve googled him and persuaded marcus fairs from dezeen to publish it. see the dezeen post here

I was curious about the comments of the readers to the ‘rough diamond’ furniture collection. its probably not the most outstanding work for the most people but I like the simple transformation of something existing to something you are not sure calling art or design. and I simply like the combination of old and new.

lee is not a regular furniture designer. almost 10 years ago he worked for and with vivian westwood (he adores her!) and studied afterwards!! fashion design at central saint martins in london. during studies he and his friend and fellow student maki aoki started to do interiors for various independent bars. they became successful and started their own business called makilee till 2006. lee decided for himself that interior is the right profession for him. he told me that he would love to design a complete concert tour. and I am sure, after designing 30 bars in london he has what it takes to do it!

yes, its how he described himself: happy!


lee was sick when we meet at the 1001 bar in the truman brewery. he cracked me up when he pulled out the pharmacy out of his bag


‘rough diamond’ collection at brick lane gallery


‘rough diamond’ collection at brick lane gallery
below: club chair


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bistro chair

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