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Martino with his red bike


Martino in his studio.
The table is from his ‘If gio only knew’ furniture collection

I must celebrate a little. It’s time for drawn interview no. 100. For this occasion I wanted someone whose entire work and personality inspires me.

The chosen one is Italian. His work is very closely linked to art and crafts but he is still very much a designer. he is know for creating unfamiliar experiences with furniture, which he achieves with unique shapes, colours and techniques. the history of his work is difficult to repeat.

Drawn Interview no. 100 is Martino Gamper.

Martino is a trained furniture maker and came to London in 1997 to gain his masters at the Royal College of Art. He remained in London and established his studio, where, for the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of working.

When you enter the studio in the morning, Martino is always there before anyone else, and his morning greeting to you is usually “coffee or tea”. He instantly makes you feel at home, and part of his team. while working with him on a new chair for Italian furniture manufacturer magis I discovered his love for ‘Freehand’. I guess we are among the last few people in the world who love to work with Freehand instead with Illustrator. Finally someone who believes in the quality of existing things instead of their improved versions.

In the afternoon he likes cooking for everybody in his self-made kitchen. being Italian, pasta is the foundation of most meals, and it is good, he makes it himself. He tends to add ginger to everything. honestly, I have never met someone who is so obsessed with the stuff. Anyway, everything what he does arises in the moment; design, cooking, communication, decisions. everything has a natural flow and ease about him.

In a time where things happen very fast and uncontrolled, someone who trusts in his own personal ability without any doubts and comparisons to others deserves to be my top 100 drawn interview.


martino’s book for the 100 chairs in 100 days project


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note: sorry for the shitty quality of the scans. since I am in london I do not have access to a good scanner anymore. : (

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