richard sapper: the first melodic design kettle


The Alessi website says that this kettle was their ‘first designer kettle, heralding a new season of kettle ideas.’ That was back in 1982. The main feature of the design is the brass whistle whose pipes sing two notes when the steam blows through them.

The German industrial designer Richard Sapper wanted to give the kettle a whistle tone that is different to the other kettles on the market. Apparently he was inspired by the barges and steam ships of the river Rhine.

My friends Laura Pregger and Moritz Walther </a>own one of the original ‘9091 kettles’ that were made in the 80ies. I think they told me that Moritz’s Mum didn’t wanted to have it anymore because she thinks it is ugly. I am a definitely a fan, because you have to pull the lid open with you index finger, which is similar to shooting a gun. I don’t have a gun, but I like shooting water for my tea in my cup.

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