marius temming: its’ sunny! put a tree on your face


Marius and his self-made, branded ice lolly

Marius Tremming looks like he comes from Scandinavia, but in fact he is German and just secretly wants to live somewhere in the North with his girlfriend. The tall blonde just graduated in Product Design at the University of Applied Science in Aachen, Germany, with his Eco Sunglasses.

Marius idea is to have ecologically correct sunglasses from a variety of natural materials. But he also applied the principle of eco design into the case of the glasses and the packaging.

Another aspect he considered is that during production water and energy consumption and emission levels should be kept low. Also the glue is free of pollutants and not harmful to consumers and the environment.

For that purpose Marius experimented with little-used materials such as natural resins, bio-plastics and natural fiber composites. I think Marius should be his own model and if his girlfriend is blonde too, they would be the perfect advertising couple. Also in Scandinavia! Follow Marius website, which is under construction know, for more updates on the hip glasses.

The Eco Sunglasses are available in 6 different shapes but are right now just available in one store in Aachen.

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