preview: milan design week 2008 – guerilla action: designmetropole aachen

who are the design heroes? they are some creatives from aachen (you might ask yourself where aachen is. it’s in the west of germany, close to the dutch boarder). most of them studied product design. after their studies they were looking for a studio, some workspace. 3 of them opened the design at work studio/shop in the centre of aachen.

last year, at the ambiente in frankfurt, they were exhibiting their products. and because 4 designers from aachen were presenting their work (just 20 people from germany are getting some exhibition area) people use to ask if aachen is going to become the new design metropolitan. First sneered at, the aachen design heroes started to believe into it. now they are going to promote the idea in milan at the designweek. so watch out! – there is an olive scooter driving through the city. and there is a lot of tape involved. if you won’t be attentive you could be sticked to the wall. yeah, designmetropole aachen!


designmetropole aachenpatricia yasmine graf, valentin derksen (trainee), julia graf, jürgen reichert, andrea derichs, daniel tsvetkov (trainee)

designmetropole aachen in the centre: fabian seibert

design at work
hm.. how can we conquer the world? maybe with scooters and tape?

enter to paradise
or enter to the design world?

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