hansen and paul hoepner: biking to milan

there are people who will travel by bus or will take the train. some do have a car and some prefer to take the plane. and everbody will meet up in milan for the designweek. but these twins decided to go by bike. (we are talking about 900 km)

hansen hoepner is a product design student from maastricht and his brother, paul, a graphic designer from cologne. it sounds crazy but hansen constructed his bike by himself. he used various parts of old bikes and created a bike which is, like he said, perfect to make a tour through the hills. he calls the bike ‘hanneman’. today at 2 pm they left maastricht and their first stopover wil be somewhere between liegé, belgium and luxemburg. they are planning to attend at the designweek on the 19th april. so just 9 days for the trip. I am curious if they gonna hit the goal. but I belive in them.

stay tuned! they will send me some pictures from their trip in the next days!

hansen paul hoepner
hansen and paul höpner

hanneman bike
the incredible ‘hanneman’ bike

make a bike
constructing the bike

hannemann bike
the scheduling

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