kinga ogrodzki: traditional aspects in interior objects


Kinga Ogrodzki with her ‘crochet’ process book

Last weekend the University of Applied Science in Aachen opened their doors for their annual Graduation Show. My friend Kinga Ogrodzki was amongst the Graduates.

Poland-born Kinga used a technique of traditional crochet from the highlands in Polish Koniakow. She made a table, a carpet and a rack and set this traditional decorative art by combining crochet with special materials and special technical processing procedures in a new context.

These ‘Koronka Konjakowska’ laces are usually made of white or cream-colored cotton thread. They have a very specific nature and their design is mainly based on floral motifs. Each element of the lace is made separately and finally combined together.

If it wouldn’t be because of that lace, this beautiful mountain village would be hardly known. It began in the late nineteenth century when it became fashionable to decorate clothing with lace. Even in local schools they started teaching crochet work.

Kinga told me that she is able to create a whole piece of cloth within a day. How I admire people who have the patience for this kind of craft. I put that on my list if things I want to learn in my life. Will keep you updated about my progress…

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