fumi gallery: dark brother & bright sisiter


Improvisation/free jazz by Johannes Nagel, 2010

Not so long ago, last time I was in London, designer Bernadette Deddens invited me to come to the Fumi Gallery in East London. I have been there before, but this time I took the chance to get a guided tour through the current exhibition and a nice cup of tea.

Cork cabinet by Joe Pipal, 2008
Lake by Alejandro Guijarro, 2010

Bernadette, who works at the gallery as assistant told me something that I heard before, but always forgot. Fumi Gallery owner’s Valerio Capo and Sam Pratt opened a second gallery on Sardinia called Fumi Gallery Porto Cervo three years ago. It is mainly opened during the summer season. Have a look at the link for some images. It seems to be a wide and bright location in Mediterranean style. A contrast to the location in London, which has wooden panels on the floor and dark walls.

Rusty Sheet Steel Chair Max Lamb, 2008

Another major difference is the weather and the style of living. I just browsed through Google and found a quote by Valerio Capo himself that couldn’t describe it better: ‘I live (in London) half the year, and the other half in Porto Cervo, a seaside resort town in Italy. The two ways of life couldn’t be more different.’

Flat version of the Rusty Sheet Steel Chair Max Lamb, 2008
– before folding it into a chair. See below!

Concrete stools by Tristian Cochrane

Soft, mini version ‘Concrete animals’ by Nacho Carbonell, 2008

Stool by Joe Pipal, 2009

Raymond (table) by David Amar, 2010

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