my bauhaus is better than yours: a wishlist of pretty stuff


Ashtray by Peter Schwartz

Some of them studied at Bauhaus University and Weimar and some of them somewhere else. They got together couple years ago in order to exhibit together in various design-relevant cities in order to showcase their products. I am planning to feature My Bauhaus is better than yours since months and now I finally present you some of the pieces that were on display at the location of the Beirut-based Carwan gallery.

Necessaire by Marie Burkhard

Most of the objects I posted are by Marie Burkhard, who has a penchant for porcelain. Make sure to check the website of My Bauhaus is better than yours. They have a webshop where you can purchase a series of products they stock.

Sid & Chad by Marie Burkhard

Starke Typen in Pastell by Marie Burkhard

Vase by Milia Seyppel

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