raphaël charles: pretty neat wood pile


Couple weeks ago I went to Brussels. Among other things for the opening of the ‘New Harvest 2010’ exhibition at Design Flanders Gallery, which ‘promotes designers and their designs and stimulates companies and the public to use design’ in Belgium made by Belgian designers. It is ‘2010’ because the 25 designers were selected last year and presented this year in a group exhibition. All participants automatically become also members of Design Vlaanderen.

One of the designers is Raphaël Charles. The Charleroi-born presents ‘Ordinary day in a wood factory’: a chest of drawers that could be mistaken for a stack of wood.

‘Ordinary day in a wood factory’ is written on one of the beams. It was probably a moment of inspiration when Raphaël wrote it on the furniture piece and decided to use it as title.

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