stefan diez: high-tec milled solid wood can’t fly



the chair looks nice. I really like the black version I saw on internet. but £557.85—£581.35 throw me off! maybe he can fly after all?

it doesn’t look like anything that can be brought in context of airplanes. but the truth is that german designer stefan diez used a production methodology which is used in airplane model-making. I quote:’ 2 flat plywood slabs are streched around a complexly milled solid wood ring to form back and part of the seat. the slabs are then glued to the base, producing the shape of the chair’.

the chair is called ‘houdini’. why? is it because of the 3d animation package? did stefan develop it with its help? I always find the reason for names interesting.

ok. back to flying. sure, it doesn’t mean that the chair can fly. but I like the idea that a chair could fly. so, the seating is manufactured by e15 and was one of the selections of the furniture category of the brit insurance design awards. the complete selection can be viewed at the designmusem london.

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