raphaël charles: an exploring mind


Raphaël Charles in his living room, sitting on ‘Please tag me’, a seat made of flexible coat foaming. In the background you can find some of the vases he made in 2006 and the magnetic table he launched last year. The wall decoration ‘Coral Invasion’ is also a project from past year. Raphaël’s house is in a charming quite side street, surrounded by a scenery with many trees.

‘Les Cheminées’ Vases

My first encounter with Raphaël Charles was in Milan earlier this year. He and his friends were at the opening of the exhibition I co-curated. It was quite packed, but Raphaël stand out with his t-shirt that said ‘God bless Belgium’. Very humorous for someone from a country that seems to be somewhere in between the French and the Dutch, I thought with a smile. Next time I bumped into him and his friends in Berlin during DMY where we spontaneously went together to an opening. Raphaël always seems to be at ease and natural. And proud, of course. When he talks about his work he takes his time, he never gives you a feeling to be hectic or doubtful. When it comes to his designs I particularly like that he feels no objection to use various material, to interpret them in versatile forms and to experiment with functions. In his portfolio all of them are different, clearly made by someone who has the urge to create.

’20/30′ Rug

‘Multiple’ Table

‘Just a bag’ Multipurpose bag

Zoé, Raphael’s and his girlfriend’s rabbit

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