victor hunt: redifined himself today


Brussels, March 2011, before the logo redesign of Mat&Me

From today on it has never been so easy to buy contemporary artdesign. Young gallery owner Victor Hunt relaunched his website with a whole lot of new features. Everything is nicely structured and after 2 minutes you know what you can get here. You can watch 360 degree view videos of all the work in his collection and with one click you can request and buy work of 16 international designers. Tales of the Hunt gives you an insight into some of the designers work approach. And on top of all this Victor Hunt recently expanded his gallery space in the center Brussels in order to get even more pieces under one roof. Ok, I am done with my adulation.

‘Catching the wild’ by Kai Linke & Johannes Hemann

A series of ‘ballon bowls’ by Maarten De Ceulaer.
I am still hoping to get my own bowl one day.

‘Surveillance light’ by Humans since 1982
Victor Hunt himself makes sure that everything looks good

Raw Edges, coiling collection – prototypes – 640×361 – watermark from Victor Hunt on Vimeo.

Tom Price, meltdown series from Victor Hunt on Vimeo.

Julien Carretero, this is a fan – 640×361 – watermark from Victor Hunt on Vimeo.

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