depot basel: when a craftsman gets a chance to become a draftsman


Neolithic II collection by Guilio Parini – before the ceramics were fired a 2nd time

Depot Basel works with designers. In the last two years, since we self-initiated our flexible place for contemporary design, we worked with a long list of various designers. (have a look at our recent review video) Sometimes it excites us to see how these designers that like to work with craft deal with an uncommon task. That’s why we were thrilled to ask the 13 designers we invited for the CRAFT & DRAWING exhibition to make an artistic drawing. We exhibited these unique pieces in a classic Lehni frame together with their crafted objects. This week I will be in Basel again. We are always happy to have some rare visitors from far away during Art Basel but we are alos enjoying the times after the sleek and shiny week. Anyway, we are closing the show this weekend. Come and see it from Thursday – Saturday daily from 2 – 7 pm and get a personal tour. For now, enjoy the images.


Digitized State of Transience by Sander Wassink – ongoing responsive design process


Weld drawings by Josh Bitelli – he used a MIG welder and drew coils in molten steel.


Water Marble and Patina by Lola Lely – Lola was so sweet and made many posts about the exhibition and the cast bronze and marble patterned objects she is showing with us on her website. Just have a browse and you will find a lot info about it.


Craft & Drawing catalogue – graphic design by Johannes Breyer . 68 pages in full colour with details about each designer and their work including texts by Evonne Mackenzie and Mateo Kries. If you can’t make it to the show yourself, we are selling the catalogue for 10 Euro / 10 CHF excl. packaging and shipping. Just drop a line to


Craft & Drawing catalogue – pictures by severafrahm


Entry of the new temporary Depot Basel at Uferstrasse 90, at the harbor in Basel


Drawing by Liliana Ovalle – it illustrates narratives around the series of sinkhole vessels she made with the ceramists Colectivo 1050 ° from Oaxaca, Mexico


Drawing by Ya Wen Chou – a reference to her trip to Iceland


1,2,3 by Klara Sumova – three powder coated steel trays and their drawn poetic reference in chalk on paper in the background


Fabien Cappello with his work – the drawing with various typologies of a clock and his ‘clock 2013’


Lina Zedig, Dieter van den Strom, Ward Verbakel and Fredrik Paulsen


Precious objects by Ya Wen Chou – started as an exploration of traditional craft from Taiwan


The signs that lead to the new space – frankly speaking, if we could afford it, we would hang more posters up. But that’s unfortunately very expensive in Basel and if you do it, you get a fine


A space with view on the Rhine


Leather Needlework part 2, colorblocks by Lio de Bruin


Meret Ernst from Hochpaterre, Mathie Rohrer from Bertille & Mathieu and Rebekka Kiesewetter


Maria Jeglinska (she obviously has no idea that I took a picture of her)


Thank you lovely Christine Benz for taking all opening images you find on our website


Rebekka Kieswetter and Patrizia Haller


Nicole Irizarry, Julien Carretero and Charlotte D’Argance at the opening, Monday 10 June


Will Yates Johnson and Philippe Malouin looking at the work by Lukas Wegwerth


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