CLASH PROJECT: 5 x 10 wearable projects by people who don’t know how to sew


Tijana Mirceta in Tymek Jezierski & Maria Zaleska, Janneke Jeurissen in Esther Noben, the purple suit is part of the outfit by fantastic photographer Madame Peripetie and the paper suit is worn by performer Dennis Vanderbroeck which is designed by Art Director Rob Truijen


Mask by Belgian textile designer Hermine van Dijck

I run this blog since 2007. A long time. The CLASH PROJECT is probably my 2nd longest project. Since 2009 it became a direct reference to the FASHIONCLASH attitude, blurring all lines between art, design, knowledge and experiment. All aspects brought together to a project that asks non-fashion designers to make a wearable piece of work, preferably made from the material they use in their profession.


Detail of ‘Parfüm’ the outfit by graphic designer Christoph Knoth.
His girlfriend Magdalena Stark assisted him.

Each year the results are unexpected, experimental bodysuits that are different in colour, shape and material. None of the 50 (49 in total unfortunately) outfits look alike. They are a reference of each participants work, each telling a story and showing a very personal intake in their way of working in an unacquainted fashion context.


Detail of a dress from Inner fashion, a production line made by
Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly

The 5th edition was presented on the 31st of May 2013 as one of the opening shows of the annual self-initiated fashion event FASHIONCLASH in Maastricht.


All pieces of ‘Ro-shell’ by creative studio llot llov


That’s how ‘Ro-shell’ should be worn


Outfit by Maria Jeglinska followed by the rest


Noël Hermsen from Sessibon coaching the girls


That is the part that is missing on the first image with the purple full bodysuit of Madame Peripetie


The wedding dress by bag & accessoiries designer Ellen Truijen


Ellen Truijen herself with model Larisa Din before she leaves for the opening show on the catwalk


Wilderman by Hermine van Dijck worn by Kiki Willems


Post Colonial Cipher by Agata Karolina during the photoshoot with severfrahm


Fashionclash 2013 catalogue by Ivo Straetmans with images by severfrahm
On the left work by designer Maria Jeglinska on the right by photographer Madame Peripetie

Impressions of the day. The whole project is visible in 1:17

Fashionclash 2013 – Day 1 from Team Peter Stigter on Vimeo.


5 years of the CLASH Project 2009 – 2013 – photographed by
Christoph Sagel, Muller3000, Lonneke van der Palen and severfrahm

Previous participants were designer Jo Meesters, crocheting artist Olek, graphic designer Sue Doeksen, Dutch collective La Bolleur, artist Nicole Michniewski, photograoher Valentina Vos, artist Tanja Ritterbex, Swiss textile designer Fabia Zindel, Polish set designer Natalia Kacper Mleczak, space design researcher Regina Peldszus just to name a few.

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