fashionclash: 1 month to go



Michael Bader, light assistant of the day
and Dennis Vanderbroeck, performer and model of the day

Friends of mine founded the FASHIONCLASH foundation to create a platform where ‘young’ designers/artists can present their work to a diverse international audience.

I am contributing to the foundation with two projects:

1 – 2010 MAGAZINE, a limited edition magazine which operates as a 2d platform for creatives

2 – CLASH PROJECT by non-fashion designers. I asked 10 people to create an outfit which will be presented on the catwalk and in the exhibition. Find the full list of contributors here

Last friday I went to Maastricht to direct the photoshoot of all 10 outfits. The images will be revealed in the 2010 Magazine. the outfits will be presented at the opening on the 4th june 2010.


mueller3000, Clash photographer


happy matylda

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