frederik roijé: luxury cottage for the chicks



Frederik was monkeying around. As a payback I published the picture where it looks like he prays. Frederik, are you praying for the hens?

From Frederique to Frederik… Last month Amsterdam-based Frederik Roijé has launched a home for chickens at the new design district Ventura Lambrate, an area where you found a lot dutch designers. ‘Breed Retreat’ is an architectural hen house to breed and retreat.

Frederik’s bird house aims to be a special place where nature can find its space. Or where the hens find their space. The construction is made of finished wood with durable coating. The Design Academy graduate says he designs out of love and surprises. He thinks that ‘to eliminate the estrangement from our origin respecting nature will be necessary.’

I think it’s a relief that someone thinks about the comfort of animals (even if it’s hens) for once and not just about where the humans can put their chunky asses. Frederik put a little variety into the Design Week menu.



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One thought on “frederik roijé: luxury cottage for the chicks

  1. I find this whole concept to be more ‘Scandinavian’ than Dutch but maybe I have underestimated the quirkyness of the Dutch. A nice chicken cottage has a Finnish feel to it – we are crazier than most!