daniel posta: genealogical reserach through objects

It is now like half a lifetime ago that I met Czech designer Daniel Posta in Vienna. He was one of the selected designers for Passionswege, a concept that brings designers together with Viennese shops and manufacturers, during the Vienna Design Week. In 2010 Daniel teamed up with the traditional steel merchants Lorenzi, who produces all kinds of tools for the household, especially knives since 1835.

Instead of just focusing on the various tools, Daniel’s main interest was the company’s unusual and long family tradition and their social connections. They have more than 30 Lorenzi steel shops across the globe and celebrate a big Lorenzi family reunion every August in Northern Italy. All together. It must be a big party. Daniel was invited to join the party. He got closer to the family. From some of the Lorenzi’s he requested the personal objects that symbolised the tradition of the family, which he presented, together with a series of illustrations of a befriend artist, in a shop window across from Vienna’s very own Lorenzi shop.

I have to admit that I almost forgot about Daniel Posta and his project until an accumulation of coincidences. First of all I started making a list of content, especially of drawn interviews that I want to publish until the end of the year and second I decided to spend Christmas in Poland and New Year’s Eve in Czech Republic. After sending an email to Adam Stech from Okolo requesting some information about Prague, Daniel came into my mind. I am actually curious if he forgot about our encounter. I will find out soon.

Owner Elvira Lorenzi herself talking to a customer. The 15 m2 shop is filled up with Lorenzi steel products. Most of them knives, keys and shaving sets. You can find the historic shop at Siebenstergasse, Vienna. Have a look at the beautiful historic images of the shop here.

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