bcxsy: curated a farm

BCXSY: Sayaka Yamamoto & Boaz Cohen

I was invited by BCXSY to participate at the ‘Neofarm’ exhibition they curated for the Łódź Design Festival. It was their first show. Boaz and Sayaka made a selection of 23 international designs. For them ‘placing works side by side’ is like building their very own farm. That’s why they choose the title ‘Neofarm’. During the opening weekend both hold a lecture about the 23 choices they made, describing every single piece. It was a pleasure to listen to their aesthetic sensation and to be a part of their show. Thanks again!

Overview of the ‘Neofarm’ exhibition

‘Caution this is rodeo’ by Ika Kuenzel

‘Potato music box’ by Juliette Warmhoven

‘Wood stove’ by Yanes Wühl

‘Coathooks’ by Max Lipsey

‘Tableware’ by David Clarke

‘Chimney light’ by Benjamin Hubert

‘Sarpaneva pot’ by Timo Sarpaneva

‘Great Camp Chair’ by Paul Loebach
together with ‘Daddy would be proud’ by me

‘Still lives’ by Kraud

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