łódź design festival: potential for a creative rebirth

Artistic Director Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka being interviewed

I got lucky and got invited to the 5th Łódź Design Festival 2011. The city in central Poland hosts the probably best known design festival in Poland. This year’s theme is ‘Change’ and in my opinion, underlines the aim of the Polish culture to be more recognised among the design scene in Europe. Here are some impressions of the first night.

The opening ceremony took place on Thursday evening. The organisers have done a good job; the huge industrial location was filled with design and culture interested people. Director Krzysztof Candrowicz and the main supporters from the community in Łódź were holding a speech thanking various institutions who made this event possible.

Entry of the Festival Center on Targowa Street. It took them about 5 months to find this location, which is a real find. The 5 level building is an unutilised office space with spacious rooms. Unfortunately the location will be transformed into new offices end of the year. I am sure the Design Festival team will find a adequate replacement for 2012. Łódź is an industrial city with some industrial architecture and the festival contributes to transforming its poor industrial economy into creative economy.

Sayaka Yamamoto and Boaz Cohen from BCXSY curators of the Neofarm exhibition which presents a selection of European design in their ‘very own farm’

Next to examples of product, furniture, architecture and fashion design you find an exhibition of STGU, Association of Applied Graphic Designers Exhibition

Exhibition design by Warszaw-based studio 137kilo

Another picture of the exhibition design, because stretching shiny foil in between the pillars in this old industrial building was a great idea. Have a look at the website of 137kilo for more.

Entry area of ‘Must have’, a selection of 28 objects that are worth having, curated by Ewa Solarz

One of the four levels at the Festival Center

Gigantic billboard advertising for the festival

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