antoinette bader: will sometime realise that she is good


The swiss designer exhibited at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, when her work attracted Thomas Geisler‘s attention. Thomas is one of the founders of the Vienna Design Week and suggested to Antoinette that she could come to Vienna and collaborate with Rudolf Scheer und Söhne, custom shoes maker, for the 4th edition of the event.

In Milan Antoinette exhibited her triangular beans and three of her laceslamps. She brought two of them to Vienna. Additionally she created about 10 of the small scale lamps. But she also made a giant 2m x 2m version for the main space in the showroom the shoe company provided for her. Antonette’s cousin, Stefan Hohenegger, who has a company in Italy produces the metal rings which are inside the lamps. All rings are joint with each other by the laces. There is no screw and now glue. For the oversized version she had to build a frame out of wood which made her possible to work in that scale. Antoinette is a reserved person. She is even rather shy, which is very likable. But one day she will gain more confidence from their work. I am pretty sure about it.

‘Laceslamps’ – Antoinette manages to create a defect-free pattern with the laces

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