thomas schnur: sucking and standing (definitly just sarcastic praise)


German people regularly discusse how you call the stick with a rubber cup on the end that one uses to clear blocked sinks and such. There are really plenty of names for it like ‘Klostampfer’ or ‘Saugglocke’ but no one knows the right one. Cologne-based designer Thomas Schnur, who I met yesterday at the DMY Design Festival in Berlin, is still undecided how to call the tool. At the end he designed a table with them instead.

The ‘rubber table’ is made of moulded dyed foam rubber and has 5 ‘rubber plunger’ or ‘suction cups’ (the same problem bothers also other nations) that work as legs. It is extremely lightweight and is fun because you can even stick it on a window, when you don’t have enough space. Another plus is that you won’t look for a plunger too long because it will probably stand in your living room.

Check more of Thomas project on his website. Thanks to Thomas who was a perfect hand model for his work.

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