thomas raschke: inside out


Palme und Stuhl – palmtree and chair

My first encounter with Thomas Raschke’s work was at the Art.Fair 21 in Cologne in 2007. See here. (Don’t laugh about my nerd glasses. At least I was wearing them 3 years ago, before it became a ridiculous trend). Back then I published the ‘skateboard bread’ and highly recommended a look at his wireframe work.

‘Handrührmaschine’ – blender

Now I passed the Sakamoto contemporary gallery and was reminded about Thomas’s work. The current exhibition is called ‘The Band’ and presents the complete installation of guitars, bass cabinet etc. formed of wire. Basically everything that belongs to a whole band. Personally, I prefer the everyday objects like chair, hand-blender, cup etc. Thomas Raschke is a highly skilled goldsmith who studied sculpture.

‘Feuerlöscher’ – fire extinguisher (or soda)

2 thoughts on “thomas raschke: inside out

  1. SO DEADLY. Love this stuff. 3d drawing of wha? Rhino is so overrated!