lucas chirnside: thinks hybrid


It’s been a long time since I’ve met Lucas Chirnside and let him draw for me. It was march, earlier this year. I went to the Brit Insurance Design Awards press preview at the Designmuseum and had a little chat with him. After my encounter someone said that it must be hard to be an Australian designer. It’s far away from the industry and apparently the island on the other side of the world doesn’t have anything to say in design. Well, it’s surely easier to be one among loads in Europe because you have a lot of other fellow struggling designers but Lucas seems to do alright other there.

The Australian designer presented ‘Polytopia’, a seating design which allows it to participate in the physical and social play of its environment. It awaits interaction. Basically the concept comes with three basic forms to facilitate the ease of production in recycled plastic using standard rotational moulding techniques. A modular seating system that creates a landscape. Check his website for more images.



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note: sorry for the shitty quality of the scans. since I am in london I do not have access to a good scanner anymore. : (

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