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fran santos + caterina fadda on a bench
in front of the designmuseum tank

It’s not so long ago that I visited the red dot design museum in essen, germany. there is much to see but faddasantos colourful salad bowl for Italian company fratelli guzzini was one of the things that I spotted. the series is quite conservative in its form but strikes with powerful colours.

I met the couple shortly after they opened an installation called ‘elements of production’ where they present the aesthetic qualities of a ‘household product and the hidden technical elements of its mass manufacturing process.’ the bowls are placed on a huge table filled with polymer granules. the amount of the granules in the table is the exact amount needed to produce all of the bowls that are on it. A nice way of showing that they want to get the most out of the materials they use.

while we were sitting by the thames river and talking about their installation I asked them if they are working on any interesting new projects. fran said that they are sketching various seatings at the moment. caterina added that they actually need a new couch. they laughed and said that it’s a good excuse to design things you need yourself. I definitely agree. their bowls are the reason I decided to have a salad for dinner tonight.


faddasantos while they are drawing


the ‘elements of production’ installation


gemme salad bowl range as abstract installation


totems compositions of the gemme salad bowls



draw yourself


describe yourself in one word


draw your favourite object



draw yourself


describe yourself in one word


draw your favourite object


note: sorry for the shitty quality of the scans. since I am in london I do not have access to a good scanner anymore. : (

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