dysfashional: disturbance in fashion


‘Mount Blushmore’ by Item Idem, 2009
at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Cyril Duval identifies icons who have made a lasting impact, even for people who are not involved in fashion.

The idea of Dysfashional is not to exhibit clothing, it’s about exhibiting everything that surrounds fashion. It’s a simple concept that allows to show everything that can’t be shown on the catwalk.

The exhibition in Berlin was ok, but the work in the catalogue (it’s worth buying it) exited me more than what I saw in real. Just Item Idem‘s Mount Blushmore angled my attention. It embodies the kitsch and the drama of the rich and the beautiful of the industry. 4 icons of fashion. Also I think that laser engraved crystal monolith can look so wrong but here it feels so right.

Watch the movie for more:

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