harry thaler: almost a ‘paper-thin’ chair


Last month recent RCA Graduate Harry Thaler presented a pressed aluminum chair which you can hang on your wall (not really something I would suggest, but it demonstrates the character of the design) or just bent and sit on it.

The aluminum is 2,5 mm ‘thick’ and is strong enough to allow you to sit on it. The material is remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion and is extremely light. Another idea of a one piece chair with own values. Oh, and did I mention that it’s also stackable? I wonder how fat you have to be to not be able to sit on it.. I should ask Harry.

3 thoughts on “harry thaler: almost a ‘paper-thin’ chair

  1. Just talked to Harry. The chair can handle 350 kg. It’s a prototype and can probably handle more weight when its massproduced.

  2. but is the idea that the chair is continually unfolded and refolded flat for storage on the wall during the course of its life, or just once, upon delivery? if the former then little deformations will build up in metal at the joins gradually weakening it, I think. Well, 350kgs is still a lot for such a thin chair.

  3. Good thinking Guy. I guess the chair hangs on the wall to underline the chairs character: thin and flat. Pure decoration. I think once its bent you just use the chair. So simple.