julien carretero: look what I found

It has been a while since I was in Eindhoven at Atelierdorp.. Back then, this summer, I came across the Stencil pieces by Julien Carretero that he showed to me first time last year.

Julien actually moved to Brussels where he became part of Studio with A View. But during my visit in Eindhoven I walked around the former company office where he had his previous studio and found the temporary storage. Here we go, there was an unplanned second look at the stencil project. Lucky me.

The work was presented during the Dutch Design Week in 2011 at the Mass, 10 designers on methods, material and manufacturing, exhibition curated by Earnest Studio. Since then he hasn’t published the material until now – it’s official and available via Brussels-based gallery Victor Hunt.

I had quite some footage of the mould, the material, the future touch and feel of the final project. But I am not very lucky with computers and harddisks at the moment, which basically means that I lost the material. But Designboom got some images of the process.

Julien’s stencil project is a series of aluminium furniture objects cast in fabric. He used heat resistant fabric, clamped it in a steel mould and poured fused aluminium in it. I quote design.nl here ‘The process creates no waste as the aluminium leftovers can be melted down and the fabric used repeatedly. The current collection consists of a table, stool, bench and a lamp.

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