julia lohmann: seaweed is material

Kelps are large seaweeds. There are about 30 different genera. German-born Julia Lohmann treats that material like leather during her temporary residency at Laboratory at Vienna Design Week. Last weekend you were able to pop in and watch her and her team experimenting with the leaf-like structures that you find in shallow oceans. Gero Grundmann and Magnus Grubek are both part of the team around Julia Lohmann. Additionally Austrian hat maker Andrea Hoke attempted to make hats with the treated seaweed. In the image below you can the process and the tools that were used and what the experiments with lasercutting and sawing machines delivered.

Dry seaweed

Seaweed that is slowly placed in water in order to get soft

Wet seaweed, ready to be processed

Lasercut seaweed

Moulds for the collaboration with hat maker Andrea Hoke

The first hat in collaboration between Julia Lohmann and Andrea Hoke

Julia Lohmann explaining the project to the visitors at the Laboratory

Julia Lohmann can’t stop to be proud about their successful experiment

Gero Grundmann and the first lasercut and sewn lampshade

Julia Lohmann, Gero Grundamnn & Magnus Grubek – all big smiles

Crispy seaweed – a snack the team presented to the visitors

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