daphna laurens: how to bring shape and colour into tradition

Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders are Daphna & Laurens. They were invited by Tulga Beyerle and Lilli Hollein to the Passionswege at the Vienna Design Week. They were teamed up with Wittmann, a traditional Viennese upholstery company that claims to make ‘furniture for eternity.’

The two images above are images of shapes that they saw when they visited the factory of Wittmann. Daphna told me that they first think in shapes and colours before they start working on the design of an object.

The final four pieces are three stools and two chairs, which they call CHAIR 01 / STOOL 01. See more (really good!!) images on their website. I think it’s obvious that mine are just opening snaps. The intention of Passionswege is to exchange design ideas. Still, I wish Daphna and Laurens luck that the Austrian upholstery furniture specialist decides to go into production with what the couple designed. Fingers crossed!

My small present for Daphna

Chair 01

A little girl being hypnotised by the mood images

Stool 01

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