frank tjepkema: neglecting no details



tjep is the name of the studio – frank tjepkema is the brainchild of it. the amsterdam-based designer arranged his career accurately. first he visited the technical university of delft to study design engineering. probably to find out he belongs to the creating world. then he graduated from the design academy eindhoven. to set a standard. afterwards he visited the royal college of art in london as exchange student. he had a good run and finally obtained a MA degree in fine arts from the sandberg Institute in amsterdam. I mean, he must have known what he was doing.

you enter the his studio in the haven area of amsterdam, and you find yourself in a concreted office with an old wooden table, a lot of desks and industrial lights, 1 employee, 1 intern (both form the design academy) and a rapid prototype machine in the centre: the tjep world. frank wears the pants around here. his progress was not planned but i think that at the end frank tjepkema wants to look back and know that his ideas were not predictable.



bling bling -‘the most branded object in the world’


tjep studio inside


tjep studio

draw yourself


describe yourself in one word


draw your favourite object


‘cyclops glasses’ : )

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