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front view

whenever you read about dutch designer ted noten, people comment what a humorous person he is. it’s not that simple. when I met him in his amsterdam-based studio I get to know a tall, calm man with a huge tendency of being sarcastic, the smart way of being funny. ted genuinely seemed more curious in my work than his own, asking me questions about my own career path and my ‘drawn interviews’.  before we met, he tells me that he assumed I would be another student asking him questions such as why he became a jewelery designer and about his inspiration. not me! He likes the idea of the ‘drawn interview’ I know this because he tells me so.

ted listens very carefully but seems to stay in his own world while he talks to you. at some point during our time together he gets comfortable, produces a bottle of swedish vodka and asks me if I would like some in my tea. at this point we bond and relax in each other’s company. I am charmed when he asks my opinion on one of his pieces. he describes the process of making his acrylic objects in detail to me. I think when you look at his work you could say it’s unusual, or conceptual. maybe pioneering. for me it is very ted. at least a parody of himself.

recently, during the red light design, ted installed a snack machine filled with red rings, which could be bought for an affordable price. the project was called ‘be nice to a girl, buy her a ring’. he may not have bought it, but he was ‘nice’ enough to give me one of his pink ‘miss piggy’ rings before I left the studio. thanks, ted!


back view


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ted and 1 acrylic block


prototype of miss piggy ring, 3d printed nylon with glass fibre, 2009


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