faye toogood: embraces the beauty of things


Faye with her ‘Bin Bag’s’ – bags made from old binocular cases

Faye Toogood makes a delicate appearance. She has short hair, a soft voice and reminds me of Twiggy or a girl from the 60ties. She moves graceful, which comes probably from her ballet lessons she attended when she was younger. I entered one of Faye’s worlds during the London Design Festival last month. ‘The Garage’, which is regularly used for various design-related events was transformed to an installation called ‘Super Natural’ dedicated to the goods of the English countryside. A collection of mushrooms filled the entrance and coffee and cake was prepared with ingredients sourced from what can only be found in the English countryside. On top of that Faye and her ‘Toogood’ pixies launched a furniture collection made by English craftsmen. The material she choose are brass, wood and stone. It is English-sourced material of course. How wonderful that a girl who is trained as a stylist can use her skills in different media. As her name suggests, she really is ‘toogood’.

Spade Chair, 2010
three-legged English chair

Element lighting, 2010
made from three shapes in wood, stone or brass

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