Depot Basel: can change be an opportunity?


Moritz Lehner replaces the old plexiglass sheet with the Depot Basel logo

Today was the last official day of the exhibition CHANGES – CHANCES. (you can still visit it by appointment until mid January 2014 – drop us a line at It is our 19th self-initiated occasion around a design-related topic that we initiated. Over 2,5 years ago we found Depot Basel, an independent, dynamic place that aims to be a part of the ongoing discussion of design. After several temporary locations we signed a lease for a former Bureau de Change at Voltaplatz in Basel. It was a decision we had to make. Our intentions were gradually requesting a permanent location. For the opening we decided to present an exhibition that opens up a discussion about the future, past and present development of design and the relation between transitions and change, focusing on Switzerland. It is a format that hopefully opens up the discussion outside of the country, too. Both, the process of the exhibition and the process of finding the location, took us some time. Eventually it now feels like we found what we were looking for in a location. As Claude Lichtenstein says in the discussion for the exhibition: “The most important changes come about slowly and silently, but once they impact, they move us all the more.” That’s what we work for. Watch out for for our program 2014.


Moritz Walther and our friend Christoph Sagel carry the first elements of the scenography into the freshly refurbished 70m2 space that will serve as main location for the upcoming three years


The talented Moritz Lehner welded and constructed all elements of the system that will serve us for the next 3 years


We were truly happy that all our work came slowly together 3 days before the opening


Laura Pregger and Moritz Walther, Team Depot Basel


The refurbished space got a new lawyer of light grey paint. This job that took us many days of work and left marks of paint on our hands. Next time we will invest in some decent pairs of rubber gloves.

Depot Aufbau – Zeitraffer / Timelapse from Depot Basel on Vimeo.


For the development of the scenography we teamed up with Basel-based studio EMYL. This image is symbolic for the tender loving care the studio put into the project. This is Raphael Höglhammer of EMYL.


The space has now 2 rails on the ceiling that provide hanging and lighting possibilities


Like a still from a documentary – Laura Pregger exhausted but content. This was in the middle of the night, two days before the official opening


The exhibition view of CHANGES – CHANCES when you enter the location


On the occasion of CHANGES-CHANCES we launched a publication that consists of two booklets. It’s a collection of the multiple layers of the exhibition including photographs by f.e. Gina Folly and Gregor Brändli statements of f.e Tido von Oppeln, Birgit S.Bauer, Hansjörg Maier-Aichen, Adam Stech etc. and a summary of the discussion. It can be purchased for 25 Euro exkl. postage via


First visitors enjoying a beer and the publication


Fabian, Moritz Lehner and Benjamin von HFF Architects


The starting point was an invite to our location (before the refurbishment) where Verena Huber, Claude Lichtenstein, Jörg Boner, Stefan Rechtsteiner und Meret Probst came together to discuss their perception of Switzerland as design country. Moderation. The encounter and the conversation was moderated by Claudia Mareis.

Depot Basel: 19 – CHANGES – CHANCES from Depot Basel on Vimeo.

In total the discussion took around 2 hours. We edited and released a 50 minute version


Within the last years we collaborated and worked with various people like graphic designers Deutsche & Japaner, textile designer Fabia Zindel, creative Studio Okolo, among others that we offer for sale at Depot Basel


Outside view of our new location


Commentaries in the window of our location from Trix & Robert Haussmann, Hansjörg Maier-Aichen, Jesko Fezer, Friedrich von Borries, Frédéric Dedelley, Köbi Gantenbein, Birgit S. Bauer etc.


Guests, friends, contributors and collaborators


Felix Lehner from Sitterwerk and his wife


Lausanne-based designer Sibylle Stoeckli


London-based designer Meret Probst and her parents


A great mix of people gathered at our place


This reads: Place for ‘Change as opportunity’? YES, says the smiling face of Moritz Walther

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