bashko trybek: sitting, playing, anti-stressing

Bashko Trybek is a Art Director who lives in Warsaw. He decided to become a designer one year ago. Fascinated by form and colour in not just two dimensional shapes this seemed to be a logical consequence. Since he presented his first projects at SaloneSatellite in Milan this year, the blogs and magazines were full with his Serpent shelving and Anti-Stress chair. In September the chair was also presented at Maison & Objet in Paris, where I met Bashko the first time.

Bashko, who is educated in Architecture and Photography and made an surprising turn into Product Design, was suddenly standing at Gallery Bensimon next to me and was happy to hear me talking Polish. That’s how easy people from the East connect: just through recognising homeland. Last month I saw him again at the Łódź Design Festival, where he was selected for the exhibition ‘Young Polish Design -Selected objects’ with his playful chair that fits 240 anti-stress balls. One for every working day in one year.

You can take every single anti-stress ball out of the frame. You can change the order of the balls and even the colour if you are up for it.

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