pepe heykoop: and then came the anti-emotion



dutch designer pepe heykoop had his 2nd showdown at the 3d contest exhibition, the young designers competition of the imm furniture fair in cologne, last week.

pepe has won the contest in 2009 with a restless chairacter’, a wobbly chair whose joints are made of rubber. this year the amsterdam-based designer presented his ‘brickseries’ and was awarded with a special mention. pepe told me that he interpreted a chair in a drawing from the artist james gulliver hancock by using wooden 2nd-hand bricks. the start was the chair. the chandelier was a following step. It was a pure experiment of how big he can go. denmark-based company furnism will take the ‘brickseries’ in production soon. we will see what they make of it.



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pepe’s new dilapidated house

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