alexander pelikan: loves to share. even success



peli and the clicdiningchair

the first time I’ve met alexander pelikan at the design week in milan in 2007 he was exhibiting his plastic nature furniture, his graduation project at the design academy eindhoven in the zona tortona. alexander is a carpenter who decided to study design. he is a perfectionist and he takes his time for his projects.

what I like about peli, whose real name is alexander, but everybody calls him just peli, is that he is open and that he is a good communicator. he loves to talk about his projects. as long as you are interested he will share any information with you. It seems that he is happy to pass on his knowledge. I asked him if he would ever consider being a tutor and whether he could imagine himself in that role. he could. and I would send my kids to him. but right now, peli is happy to get up and to work on his ideas and to improve himself as a designer.


the fitness club at the studio


radiolaria stool, a student project of his


cliclounge glass miami, a series of 6 chairs for design miami 2008


in front of the studio in waalre, suburb of eindhoven


draw yourself


describe yourself in one word – peli


draw your favourite – opinel knife


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