last week, somewhere close to eindhoven: the baas estate experience

meet the people who are making the baas collection. a bunch of designers, freelancers, interns who gave me the feeling that they are in their own clubhouse. they are not going in for sports but for realising the work of maarten baas. about 12 people are working for him right now. and it’s not just about work, it’s also about creating a personal atmosphere. they eat, play and laugh together (I heard some good jokes while eating). In between I had the feeling that the sign in the kitchen (kleuterschool = kindergarden) has a point. solely because they seemed to be happy like I was in kindergarden and entertained myself with play dough to shape a house for my bunny family. (my mum is still speakig about this creative break through)


bas den herder and ‘peli’

alexander pelikan and the salmon

lunch for the pixies

erik vermeulen

erik and wieland vogel

the supervisor

the kindergarden sign

isn’t it obvious that they have fun?

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