academy fine art maastricht: dutch ceramics in milan

the product design and jewellery department of the academy fine art maastricht, netherlands, shows ‘various works of ceramic fascinations related to the human body and mind’ at the salone satellite 22-27th april in milan.

the 2nd and 3rd year product design students are coached and refined by designer tomáš gabzdil libertiny from studio libertiny. last week I went to the work review. now I present a little preview on the pieces that will be shown at pavillion 22/24 stand 20.


jo sijen, tutor for autonomic design and tomáš gabzdil libertiny


tomáš gabzdil libertiny and chequita nahar,
coordinator jewellery and product design


pour femme by dik scheepers


albertine van iterson working on a deer head


toys by marco Iannicelli


glazing room in the academy fine art maastricht


yes, tomáš’s a carrot

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  1. Ziet er goed uit. Wordt het ook niet weer eens tijd voor een post over je eindexamen project?