dutch design week: design academy show off

here is my selection of work from the graduation show at design academy, which is located in the witte dame, eindhoven.


perfect for me and my travels!

preparing dreams by joni neelen – all the things one might need in an overnight stay are provided. The lamp, bookshelf and clothing rack are designed to make a useful, yet beautiful part of the entire bed



storyboard by jan van hoof – are you searching for a new wall covering or room divider? this wall of 2 by 3.5 meters is built up of cut-up books.


koelkachel by michou-nanon de bruijn – an ingenious way of reinstating the traditional comfort of the 18th century kitchens. mounted underneath a seat attached to the side of the refrigerator, the condenser gives off a pleasant warmth



grace by philippe malouin – he has developed a grand table, big enough to accommodate 10 guests when inflated, and small enough to fit in a duffel bag when deflated


what it is, it isn’t by nathan wierink – he has designed a I designed a different world, a strange world. In this new world there still is a possibility to go back to the world we know.’showing the world for what it isn’t, or is it?’ with the instrument it is possible to reshape objects, spaces and architecture


accidentels by els woldhek – in electroplating, an object is coated with a layer of metal by menas of electricity. when left lone, however, this industrial technique produces the most incredible forms.



preservations by anke louwers – a collection of mysterious, weathered-looking vases made of preserved leather, parchment, snakeskin, and pig’s bladder

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