tristan cochrane: ‘we don’t need no education’


Tristan at Depot Basel

Scotland born and self thought designer Tristan Cochrane was part of the Prelude 01 event for Depot Basel end of August 2011. Tristan is an educated fisherman. Through various favourable terms he came across Maarten Baas in Boisbuchet where Tristan works as workshop assistant once a year. The Dutch designer was impressed by his skills and his way of thinking and asked him to work for him in Eindhoven, where Tristan was a part of the Baas & De Herder team for about two years.

Concrete podiums for Depot Basel

His extraordinary history was one of the reasons we decided to invite him to Depot Basel. The other one was that we believe in the potential of Tristan, who says that he is still confronted with a laborious process with several setbacks before he arrives at something he is even half-happy with. A common thing among designers. He found his desire to be a designer by a fluke and met his girlfriend the same way. Also at Boisbuchet. About one year ago he moved to Barcelona for a change, the focus on his own career and his girlfriend Paula Benvegnú. Shortly before he came to Basel the two of them made a lamp out of ribbons.

Concrete stand for Depot Basel

It was a spontaneous action, unplanned but fruitful. They started to like working together and people started liking their so called ‘jellyfish lamp’ that was suddenly featured all over the internet. Paula’s background is Advertising and Social Communication which complements Tristan’s self-thought skills in making things. I think Tristan is a great example for someone with great ambition who should keep on working until the next good thing happens to him. Time will tell.

Work in Progress

Concrete stools ‘Faultline stools’ 2008 at Gallery Fumi

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