olivier lellouche & olivier lebrun: dear alvar, let’s first design and than eat together


Olivier Lebrun & Olivier Lellouche at the entry of the Past Vyner Street project space in East London. The two Paris-based Olivier’s brought the De Stihl Camp to London.

Olivier Lellouche checks the potatoes in the steamer

One week earlier they presented their project in Paris during Design Week in a huge space. Both told me that it’s interesting to see the same set-up in a new context just one week later at another location and another Design Festival.


During the day they cut, steamed and bend the wood in or with their self-constructed devices in order to pay tribute to Alvar Alto’s three-legged stool. The late Finish designer developed the bent L-shaped leg in 1932.

Bending device no. 1

Being half-finish Olivier Lellouche must have decided to imitate the beauty of the patented craft and celebrate it during these two major design show-offs. As Alvar did, Olivier also used solid birch for his version of the stackable stool that was back than produced by Artek in Finland.

Bending device no. 2

At De Stihl Camp the workday starts early. First you wet the wood and than you put it in the steamer for a long time. This process takes a lot of time, but at the end you will have your very own l-shaped stool. Finally you get together with some good people around for some steamed potatoes accompanied by amazing extras and dips created by Maori Murota. All food is her recipe but unfortunately her parents came from Japan to visit her in Paris and she couldn’t come to London.

De Stihl Library

All graphics, posters and booklets are made by Olivier Lebrun. Him and the other Olivier form the core of De Stihl. The concept text is written by Laura Chenus. Designmarketo invited them to come to the London Design Festival and to become a part of their operations.

De Stihl Camp’s version of Alvar Alto‘s three-legged stool from 1933

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