ti+hann: girls with attitude and a vision on design


These girls coached the 5 Toegepast 15 participants for 1 year. They are Royal Academy Antwerp fashion graduates who, after an incident, decided to work together. Ticuta Racovita-Cordemans & Hanne De Wyngaert (their brand name is taken from their first names) participated at Toegepast couple years ago. Ti at Toegepast 11 and Han at Toegepast 12. Back than they worked on their own. Now, years after, that they were asked to support the new emerging designers during their process. Both are educated in fashion but fairly interested in various disciplines. Hanne’s collection from 2005, Can I borrow your sweater, goes beyond the expected aesthetics of fashion and satisfies with unpredicted shapes.

Toegepast exists since 15 years and brings recent graduates forward with financial support, coaching and a final joint exhibition at Z33, an an art centre which is also focused on design, in Hasselt. Ti+Hann revolutionised the 15 year old tradition by simply adding a theme and styling to the exhibition. They also asked for individual meetings with the upcoming designers and a personalised corporate identity. Some people would say that these 2 fashion designers look arrogant, but they are purely girls who love their make-up, can’t live without high-heels and are addicted to cakes. But when it comes to their work they do their best to make it look good.

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