school of form: working on a new generation of polish designers

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka & Lidewij Edelkoort

It’s certainly too early to call Poznan the capital of Polish design, but the city in Central Poland has great potential to gain this title. First of all Concordia Design opened it’s doors last month, which is the first centre in Poland that aims to combine design with business. Secondly on the same weekend was the official opening of the School of Form. Poland’s first design school. I went there last year and was impressed by the facilities and the energy. Here are finally some images.

It seems that start in the capital of Wielkopolska our School of Form, a completely different school of design, combining education with humanistic design, employing international authorities in the field of design and producing a real preparation for graduates entering the job market Poznań provide a major opportunity for this title.

ceramic workshop

In an interview with the managing director of the school Magda Maciejewska, a very energetic and positive woman said, ‘that the designer of the future must be creative thinker. This means that he must know, understand and predict the social and economic trends, as well as respond to it.’

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